Success Plan start date adjustment issue

  • 8 January 2019
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I'm facing issue while adjusting start date of objective within success plan. The actual issue is the start date is not getting aligned to the newly selected start date of corresponding objective.

Please refer below snapshot, where 'Set up SSO' objective start date has been changed to 15th JAN 2019, but start date of underlying task did not changed. (e.g. Send customer SAML Metadat)

I have tried this in different org and it looks product bug.

Most of the clients using Success Plan complaining on same thing, as it is not feasible to change start date of each and every task.


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5 replies

Hi Jayant,

This is a known limitation.

Objective start should be created date however we have enabled start date to be changed from GANNT chart.

Existing functionality supports change of due date automatically. Whenever due date of tasks are changed to a date higher than the due date of objective itself system considers the highest due date for tasks as the due date of objective. I belive similar logic was not applied to start date as we assume customer could have done preliminary analysis as part of acheiving a success plan through one of their tasks of an objective. If this is true tasks of an objective would start before the start date of an objective.

Current code is designed in this way.

We need to understand more business use cases to understand why customer wants start date of tasks of an objective to change automatically after the start date of objective is updated.



Hi Jagdish,

This is the feedback I got when I said it is an expected behaviour and it is flexibility that is given to adjust each and every task.

Feedback -


I understand the position but it's still a gap for our users. If all tasks are children of the parent objective, I should think that the default behavior would be for each task to have a minimum start date that is equal to the start date of the parent objective. For example, if my objective is to begin implementation of customer X, why would I want to have a start date for kickoff email that happens prior to the objective kicking off ?

I see the need for flexibility but at least from a project management perspective, the feedback we've received from our users is that in most cases when they are delaying the start of an objective or larger project, they also want that delayed start date to be reflected for all of its constituent tasks. Otherwise, they are having to go in and manually adjust the start date for each task to reflect that of the parent objective.



Hi Jayant,

Thanks for sharing this. Let me know if i undestand this correctly : you need the tasks start date to always be more that (or equal to) the Objectives start date. So do users generally change the start date of the task or the objective ?

If the user is trying to change the start date to something less than that of the Objective, is the expectation to not allow the user Or automatically change the start date of the objective (and should this change in start date of an objective impact other tasks?)

If the user is changint the start date of an objective (to something more than the start date of any underlying task) should the start date of only that task be changed or all tasks (since there might be other tasks dependant on this task)?


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I also share the same pain point with the product gap/lack of functionality.  

If we are just adding single objectives, then it wouldn’t be a problem, however, the platform has a mild case of amnesia and seems it forgot about the objective templates functionality within the Success Plan. 

When adding an objective template, the due dates on the CTAs and Tasks are based on the algorithm we set.  When applied to a success plan and change a due date, you are given the option to change all due dates for the open tasks.  That same logic should be applied when changing the start date because for objective templates, the start dates are always usually dependent on the previous task.  

I will check to see if there is an enhancement created for this issue, if not, I will create one.  Thank you for bringing this up!

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Please share this idea and vote!! :)