Success Plans: Milestones

  • 29 September 2015
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Is it possible to attach milestones to Success Criteria entered in the Objectives for Success Plans? Would be great to be able to see if you were able to achieve the objective automatically.

5 replies

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Great question, Heather!  Thank you for adding to the Community!  Since a CTA is used to capture the objectives and you can use the Rules Engine to automatically make a CTA a Milestone (upon moving to a 'Closed-Success' status for example), I think we have an initial foundation for doing this.  Those Milestones would be available in the usage trend area by default and in your cause you could create a Related List of the Milestones to show right on the C360.  I think it would be great to figure out a way to show those Milestones right from within the Success Plan too.  What do you think? 
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Hmm.  Let me think on it.  I do think it would be good to show them on the Success Plan too.  So, think about it this way...what if your Objective is to drive adoption, and your success criteria is increased product usage, but product usage is defined with several different CTAs.  So, almost like an overarching milestone? (An AND milestone - this happened and this happened and this happened, so you met your Success Criteria)

Maybe I'm just getting too complicated.  :)
Hi Heather,

Thanks for the great input!

We are thinking in the direction of linking the success criteria of an objective to a measure (or multiple measures, as you suggested) and then associating a target with it. So when the target is met, objective will be achieved automatically. 

Actual timing is TBD.



Hi all, any updates on this?
Hi Diana,

We are planning to implement this in winter release. I will confirm the ETA as we move ahead in the release cycle.