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  • 17 April 2018
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I am a new Gainsight Admin and stakeholders and end-users at my company are very interested in documenting SWOT analysis in Gainsight. Are there best practices for documenting a SWOT analysis in Gainsight?

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Hey, I am working on this now. What we are doing is leveraging Success Plans with objectives based on the SWOT analysis that's within the plan itself. Another option would be to upload a shared doc as an attachment in the timeline per customer. Did that help? Happy to connect offline if you're interested.

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Hi Jasmine, 

Welcome to the Community! You may have seen this already, but we have some basic info on setting up SWOT CTA Types.
Thank you both for the responses :)

@Lila Meyer, I've already set-up the SWOT as a CTA object from the  link you posted. 

@Ben Timmons The account management team wants an idea of the best way to do/document their SWOT analysis for reporting. I'm unsure if we can run reports based on "Timeline".

I've tried to walk the team through doing a SWOT analysis within the "Success Plan" feature but it didn't appear very intuitive.

A few Account Managers came up with a few ideas:

1. Create a SWOT objective in the "Success Plan" then create strengths, weakenesses, opportunities, and threats as tasks.

2. Create a SWOT as a CTA in cockpit. Add a playbook instructing Account Managers how to create a SWOT for their accounts.

3. Upload SWOT Analysis as a separate word document within the timeline feature in Gainsight.

I appreciate any recommendations to pass along to the account management team.

Thank you!


Is there a walk-thru tutorial on how to upload attachments in Timeline?

Thank you :)

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Hi Jasmine,

Here's a quick.gif on how to upload attachments in Timeline activities.

This article section also contains more fyi's about attachments (5 attachments per activity and maximum file size per attachment is 5 MB, etc.). 
Hi Ben,

Thank you for sharing this.

Is there a walk-thru tutorial on how to do this? I am happy to connect offline to follow-up on this.