Syncing Contacts from Tasks or CTAs in Gainsight to Salesforce

  • 20 September 2017
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I was wondering now with the Summer Release, is it possible to add a contact to the "External Attendee" field when creating an Activity and Task in Timeline, if that contact will sync when the task logs in SFDC and populate the "Name" field? I thought it was supposed to be part of the release but it does not seem to be working.

I also wanted to confirm whether or not adding a contact to a CTA in Cockpit will sync with SFDC and have that contact populate the name field. I saw that it might be part of the Fall Release but wanted to make sure. Thank you!

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Hi Manmeet. The "External Attendee" field in Timeline activities actually pulls from your SFDC contacts for that Account. So if you need to add someone to the external attendees and they are not searchable in the activity field, then that's you indication (reminder) to add them first in SFDC. This helps enforce good contact hygiene and accurate record keeping. 

All contacts should be added via SFDC as there are additional fields that often are mandatory that need to be filled out. 

Related - the "Internal Attendee" field is pulled from users in your SFDC org, so the same process applies there too, if the name does not appear, first ensure they are a valid SFDC user and then they will be available to be added. 
Hi Dan, 

Thanks for the response! 

My question is more about if it is possible to add a contact to that "External Attendee" field and if that pulled in contact will also populate the "Name" field in SFDC, when that Timeline activity/task logs as an open task. It would be of great help if the CSMs could pull in the contact that the Activity is related to and then also populate that in SFDC for transparency.

I read that in the fall release this feature would be also available for Cockpit CTAs. Is that correct?
Yes, we have shipped this feature in Summer release. Now External attendees will be synced to name field of SF Task object.

This feature doesn't apply on the activities which were created before summer release.

Are you facing this issue with newly created activities ?
It looks like it is working now. I was having issues at first where the "External Attendee" would not populate the Name field in SFDC but after further tests it seems to be good. Thanks for following up! I will submit a support ticket in case there are any issues going forward.

What about External contacts that are part of the Parent Account but attend many of the child account discussions.  For example:  XYZ  is the parent account and it has WXYZ as the child account. The contact at XYZ, is associated with the parent account.  However, she attends meeting for the child account WXYZ.  Do you offer a solution for this? 
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Hi Mara, are you using this related contacts feature in SFDC to map the contacts to different accounts in your data structure?
Hi Dan,

I was not aware of it and am taking a look at it as we speak.  Will let you know once I have tested functionality. Thanks!