Upgrading to the SFDC Lightning platform

  • 13 December 2015
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I have been told we are looking at upgrading our SFDC to the lightning platform within our company in the month of January. 

Any things we should be looking out for as admins with GS? 




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Hi Naquiyah,

Gainsight's UI doesn't render well in Lightning mode. We are working on UI enhancements that will address these issues, and also improve the overall application experience. Most of this work is planned for early '16, but I don't have exact delivery dates yet.

This doesn't mean though that you shouldn't upgrade your org to Lightning in order to use Gainsight. There are two ways in which we can ensure Gainsight works as expected:

  1. Once your SFDC admin turns Lightning on, request them to not assign you the Lightning permission set. This will ensure that your UI looks as it does today, even though the platform has been upgraded to Lightning.
  2. [Recommended] Let your SFDC admin assign you all the permissions. Simply toggle back to the Salesforce Classic mode (existing UI) when using Gainsight. Switching between Lightning and Classic modes is completely safe and real-time -- accessible through the logged-in user image on the top-right of the screen.


Thanks for that Manu

I assume this would not just imply to me as an admin but everyone in our org thats using GS right?



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Yes, and there's this support article for your reference.