What is on the short term and long term roadmap for Timeline?

I am really excited about new Timeline feature but we are waiting on several improvements before we fully role it out to the team.  Do you have a consolidated list of the improvements on the short term (next release) and long term roadmap?

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Great to hear that, Scott! 

The Spring/May release is still some time away so things can change, but here's what the team is 'targeting':

  • Timeline in CTAs - ability to capture activities from within a CTA
  • Inline action items/tasks - ability to capture next steps inline when logging an activity
  • Reporting on activities - ability to build ad-hoc reports on logged activities
  • Rules on activities - ability to build rules on logged activities
Some longer-term items:

  • Timeline in widgets
  • Creating activities via Rules
  • Attachments
  • Inline images and tables
  • Social features
  • Timeline w/ Scorecard measures
  • Email integration
Thanks Manu!

Attachments and email integration are definitely our top 2 requirements.
Just to clarify on your first bullet point "Timeline in CTAs", does that mean we can sync a task from a CTA to Timeline?
In addition to attachments and other improvements coming, we have one roadblock to using this feature: integration with (or the ability to choose) JIRA/Atlassian. Today we keep customer notes on an internal Wiki (also an Atlassian product) and when we type related JIRA #s, they not only auto link to the JIRA without having the second step of adding a hyperlink, the JIRA itself will indicate that the JIRA # is mentioned on "x" page.  This is critical for folks reading or working the JIRAs to making the connection with which Accounts are being impacted by the issue.  Any plans on making Confluence a choice or somehow integrating?
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Manu - 

Have you thought about the ability to create a CTA or add a Task to a CTA from the Timeline?

My concern is that CSMs will use Timeline only (because it is quick and easy) and not use the CTAs when needed. I want to make sure that we can give them the benefits of Timeline without losing focus on key, important CTAs.


**Edited:  I answered my own question.  Saw this post:
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@Scott - 'Timeline in CTAs' means that we'd let CSMs log activities (updates, calls, etc.) as they work their CTAs. There would be a CTA level (mini) Timeline available inside the CTA detail view where everything would show up. These would then also appear on the overall Customer Timeline if (1) your admin has configured that all activities of that [i]type (updates, for example) are important and should be rolled-up automatically; or (2) a CSM manually flags the activity as important. We are not planning to roll [i]everything up automatically because of volume/noise considerations. 

@Renee - Glad you found the answer. We are pretty excited about inline action items/Tasks that can be added as part of logging an activity. A CTA would then be created and added to the CSM's Cockpit so they can act on these items.
Updating this community post with additional details my CSM received from Nitisha:

1. Ability to add attachments - Targeting summer release

2. Reporting - Targeting Spring release

3. Creating activities via email - Targeting summer


4. Milestones integration - Longer term roadmap

5. Sync to SFDC frequency - We are looking into it and will

reduce the frequency soon - no specific ETA

6. Ability to add historical notes - Targeting summer



Also, in Spring release we are targeting:

1. Integrating Timeline with Cockpit. So each CTA will have

its own timeline and important activities from CTA Timeline can be

automatically moved to customer Timeline.

2. Adding ability to add inline action items. These action

items can be added from Timeline and these will be visible both in Timeline and


3. Changing the UX to accommodate more activities and

information in a view

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An additional request by our CSM's is to have expanded search and sorting capabilities as well. The current timeline appears to sort by created date but CSM's are not always able to update immediately making the timeline appear out of order. Additional filters would include:

  • Customer fields that have been added by admin
  • Attendees (pulled from SFDC or Customer)
  • Created by
  • Includes attachments - once they are available :) 
This will help people sort and review the more relative timeline entries especially during account transitions. 
Hi Samantha,

Timeline is sorted by Activity Date (the date on which the activity happened, updated manually by CSM while adding an activity) and not created date.

Also, improving timeline filter and search capabilities is in our plan and will be available in short-term.


Hi - I was hoping for more information on the following:  1. Integrating Timeline with Cockpit. So each CTA will have its own timeline and important activities from CTA Timeline can be automatically moved to customer Timeline.

We are wanting some of our CTA activities to not only sync with SF but to also sync into the TImeline Activities.   Is this functionality in like with the above?   If so, do you know when it will be available or if it is?  If so, any suggestions on where to look to configure it?  Thanks!  
any updates on creating timeline activity via rules?
Hi Laura,

It is a stretch goal for the fall release. I will share more updates as we move ahead in the release cycle.


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Hi Laura, I've created a idea post for the above request.You can follow this post for more updates .
Thank you and I am told I don't have access when i click the link.
There seems to be a huge demand from customers for this feature and it was already pushed out of the summer release.  Can you please update us if this gets pushed out of fall?
Sai, I can't see the article either
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Hi, Sorry for the inconvenience, it was a permission issue,It is resolved now. Could you please check it now. 
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Email integration is big for us as well. The "copy and paste" workflow is not the greatest. It would be great to send the email from timeline and have it logged/synced back to Salesforce so you don't have to create a separate task of "log an email".