What is the quickest way to push out a CTA to all CSM for all accounts?

  • 28 August 2018
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Is the only way to push a CTA out to all CSMs by creating a rule? Is there a quicker way to achieve this? I may find it cumbersome since I'm new to administering Gainsight, but I want to make sure I'm not missing something. 

6 replies

Hi Angela!

Welcome to GS Administering!  (It's terribly addicting.) : )

What is your use case for the CTA?  I would caution against a blanket CTA except under the strictest of circumstances.

Ideally, CTAs should be triggered "by exception" and used to focus the CSMs attention on a task that needs immediate dispositioning.  If the CTA is an admin task (e.g. Schedule QBR) across all accounts, it will be noise and will be ignored.

But to your question, the rules engine would be the fastest way to do something like this.  Steps would be:

1. Create BR "CTA - [Descriptive CTA Name]"

2. Dataset: Pull Account ID, Account Name, CSM Name, etc... from all Status = Active from Customer Info Object

3. Action: Call to Action

Let me know if you have any questions or if I can help narrow your use case?  Thanks!

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Rules will be the fastest way to create CTAs in mass. If you have to have different CTAs created for all, you can clone existing rules to make it somewhat faster for you. Once you have the rule created, you'll be able to schedule it to run how ever often you need which should help with creating CTAs in an automated way.
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We have to balance the need to follow-up (CTA) with a customer with the volume a given action would create for an individual CSM. For some of our lower-touch models, some additional CTAs would bury them so we find ways to use Outreaches and Programs to reach those customers in mass without having the CSM involved.
Thanks Tim. We tend to get requests from PM to help let customers know of an upcoming feature or product sunset or upgrade that is required for an upcoming release.  There are product and marketing emails that go out, but management wants our CSMs to email or mention it on the next call with the customer. 
Ah!  Understood.  Yes, I would recommend the Journey Orchestrator route with an email campaign for the lower/mid-touch customers.  However, if you want that personal touch for the high-touch segment, I would recommend creating a CTA with an Email Assist task that would be pre-formatted with the requisite Release/Sunset/Upgrade verbiage and links.  That way the CSM can start a conversation with the client without too much additional "busy" work.  Make sense?
Yep thank you! That's what I was thinking but I wanted to make sure that was the best route to take. Appreciate the advice!