ZenDesk Assignee not showing up in Gainsight Reporting options

  • 11 March 2016
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I am exploring the linkage possible between ZenDesk and Gainsight and I can't find the "Assignee" field in the report creation section of Gainsight. Am I missing something or could the answer be that the Assignee field isn't being synced properly?

If the latter is true, how do I go about resolving that issue? 

Any help would be greatly appreciated!

6 replies

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Currently, we don't push assignee as a field in our integration. This article explains which fields sync from Zendesk to Gainsight today.

This article has a link to the detailed list of fields included in our current integration.
Hi Denise-

Assignee seems like a no-brainer for any type of linkage between GS and ZD. Is this (and custom fields in general as a viable import) slated for an upcoming release?

Also, I think you guys need to reformat the article you linked. It took me two passes to find the link you referenced it and missed in entirely last week when I was doing my research prior to posting. That should be prominent!

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Hi Sam,

I'm trying to understand what info you had difficulty finding on Was it the Zendesk Integration article itself? Or some of the info contained in the article that wasn't presented prominently?

Actually, if you thought you originally missed the link to the Zendesk to Gainsight Integration Fields spreadsheet, we just recently added that. But I can make sure it's emphasized more clearly.

We appreciate your feedback!
My thought was that the actual list of fields should be called out more prominently, instead of via link.
Some more feedback after a few more days of thinking, but what would be even more helpful than a more prominent list is another column that describes what each field is for with some detail. Not everything is intuitive as I have learned so I think being more prescriptive would be helpful!
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Assignee name and email is will be part of the sync process for our August release (August 25).