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  • 13 April 2016
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We are rolling Gainsight out for our Client Services org (after deploying Account Management) and bumped into a limitation: we have some accounts which do not have an assigned client success rep. We need to assign CTAs to a queue/pool of employees, and then manually push the CTAs. More than one person will be dispatching the CTAs, so assigning to a designated manager does not seem to work. Gainsight also cannot create cases (we use cases instead of activities for client success work). Did anyone deal with a similar scenario; are there any workarounds?

7 replies

Agree!  Right now we're tackling this by assigning to one person and having them round robin the CTAs but it'd be ideal to have a queue/pool instead.

We've also run into a few issues with the related playbooks/tasks that seem like they might be related to the reassignment we're doing so it's be great to cut down on that part of the process if possible.
We actually moved to named account mgrs due to this limitation. However, pooled CSM's are coming back into view; so interested in what might be on the horizon from GS.
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A workaround we've deployed in the past is to setup a dummy pooled user. You can create a new Salesforce user, name them 'CSM Pool' (or something similar) and assign them a Chatter license. You can set this user up with an email list serve alias so that email notifications will go out to the right people. You will need to assign this user to the Accounts that are in the 'Pooled Model'. 

Then the pooled team can filter Cockpit to look for CTAs assigned to this user and then reassign the CTAs to themselves as needed. 
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We are in need of this as well. I'm trying to determine if we should use a "rand()" function to assign a number 0 or 1 to the CTA and then run a rule that then assigns it to the CSM. One CSM = 0 and another = 1. 
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Can this be moved to an 'Idea' instead of a question? While the workaround is an option, they are cumbersome. We have the need for the ability to assign a CTA to a queue/group for two purposes: 

  1. As we look at a 1:Many approaches, we need the ability to assign CTA's to a group on the long tail of our customers (24K). We do not intend to assign an 'owner' to all 24K accounts but would still want a notification to the team to review large risk factors
  2. We have a CSM Operations team and would like to assign the 'default assignee' to the CSM Operations team rather than one individual on the team. This prevents the dependency on a single person if rules do not function as expected. 
Having the ability to assign to a group/queue would certainly solve this need and help with scaling CTA's
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Has anyone attempted to build out this pooled motion? Would love to chat and understand what has worked and what hasn't.  We are building out our motion for our long tail customers and what to have the concept of a "CSM Persona" so when we send tech touch emails it looks as if its coming from a CSM but the email responses go to a pooled email where CSMs can round-robin responses.  We don't want to assign these to a real CSM as it would impact their book of work.  Would love to hear how others are tackling this challenge.