Best Practice Customer Info Maintenance

  • 17 January 2017
  • 1 reply

Looking for some best practice insights. So we are still ramping up with Gainsight and we've come across a few self inflicted data integrity issues with respects to our Customer Info object data. The issue stems from changes in processes upstream in the way we were managing opportunities in SFDC. We've sorted out the process now so going forward things are good. Here's my question. I want to clean up the few data integrity issues we have by updating the opportunity records with active subscriptions associated with them. I'm looking for a rule that would enable me to make updates to the opportunity record and then subsequently update the customer info object using a daily rule. Essentially this is a rule that enable me to maintain the opportunity record and then maintain the data in the Customer Info Object. Thoughts?

1 reply

Worked with John on this and he developed a rule that grabs the MAX subscription start date of closed won opportunities to filter down his rule to active subscriptions. Once he added the MAX aggregation field he then grabbed all the fields that he wanted to update on the Customer Info object. John will schedule this rule to run daily.