Celebrating team wins company wide

  • 23 March 2017
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Hello everyone! I'm looking for some networking/inspiration on how you celebrate your Customer Success wins with your company. 

For instance, when sales lands a big deal they send out a "Bang the Gong" email to the company. Does anyone do something similar like this for Customer Success wins? Would love to hear your thoughts!


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Excellent point! Wish we were doing more on this front.

  • We have a wrestling-ring-style bell next to the sales gong, so CSMs get to ring it for renewals, but they tend to be tentative and awkward about it
  • When a renewal is Closed-Won in Salesforce, we use one of the free products we've created to have it automatically pop up on TVs around the office and play a song that the CSM gets to choose
  • We have an old-timey triangle that our support team rings when they close a beast of a ticket or what-have-you, but we don't use it enough
  • We have a 'happy@' email address that goes to the whole company, and forward emails to it from customers who are thrilled with us
  • When we have presentations to the company or to groups about the success of sales and marketing, we make sure to have customer success included as an equal
But, since we don't (yet) have more of the metrics that I wish we did, I think the thing that makes the biggest impact for both our support and CSM teams is when they get to collaborate with folks elsewhere in the company. It could be the support team offering technical expertise to Sales reps who're working with prospects, or the CSMs discussing use cases with Marketing or Product. But, in those conversations, the customer success team gets to feel like they get to show their mettle, and they can really feel it when other folks in the company realize, "Wow, these aren't people who just explain the product to customers. They're experts in the art of helping people see what's possible, and strategically walking them towards a goal."

To help you think more about the metrics side of things, Gainsight has put in the effort to create an extensive system of metrics for their customer success sub-teams, and, of course, having metrics makes things easier to celebrate. Check out the "Operating Metrics" section for each team in their 'Team Charter' blog post.

Would love to hear ideas from elsewhere! One of my major takeaways from Pulse last year was "Always communicate when you succeed", but I've made just about no progress on it.