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  • 14 December 2022
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Hi folks!


We have recently rolled out Gainsight to the global CSM organization, beginning with a fixed set of use cases. Im curious about your best practices to share on how to collect feedback and wishes from the users in a manageble way - are you using spreadsheets to do that?


Thanks in advance!



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I’ve seen a lot of solutions here, and many of them depend on how far along you are as a CS / CS Ops organization, the volume of requests you expect and the number of teams using Gainsight.

You can certainly use a spreadsheet. The humble but mighty spreadsheet is a great place to start, and I venture a guess nearly every to-do and tracking list once lived in a spreadsheet.

The next level of tracking might be a tool of some sort. I’ve seen teams use tools from Zendesk, JIRA and GitLabs. This helps if you have a large number of inbound requests, and potentially a multi-GSAdmin team, where you need to track and assign work.

My advice….comes in two pieces:

  1. Consider different processes for different inbound needs: Inbound items often come in 3 categories: (1) A problem where something is broken inside Gainsight; (2) A question about how Gainsight works; and (3) An enhancement request to build something new in Gainsight. Successful CS Ops teams address these differently, because their criticality varies. A problem probably gets faster attention than a request for new functionality. For example, some teams setup a Slack or MS Teams channel for questions, for quick responses and so others can see the questions and answers.
  2. Your PROCESS is more important than your TOOLING. If your users know how to submit enhancement requests and feedback, and how you’ll triage them, and how they can stay appraised on the status, they’ll generally be happy to use your process. Decide what process works for your situation and then look at tooling options. You may determine a spreadsheet is just perfect for this moment.
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Thank you @matthew_lind for some classic CSOps inspiration as always!

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