CS Knowledge Drop - GSnap

  • 20 July 2016
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Want to learn more about one of our most exciting new features? This week we'll be hosting a webinar on use cases and best practices for GSnap.

Feel free to share any ideas or best practices from your organization's experience with GSnap thus far!

[i]We'll be continuing the conversation below! Additionally, tune in to our weekly CSM led webinar on Tuesday July 19th @ 9am PST where we will be discussing this topic! Click here to register.

1 reply

Here is a summary of our Q&A today:

 How do

you set up the notification after you send the Gsnap?

Answer: Use this link for configuration answers such as this.

Question: Can

you view as the sender a previously sent? 

Answer: Yes, under the main GSnap tab you'll see all previously recorded (& sent) GSnaps.

Question: Can you

change the expiration date after the Gsnap was sent?

Answer: Once a GSnap is sent, you can no longer change the expiration date.

Question: Can we

load a pre-recorded video in and then send through Gsnap?

Answer: At this point, you can only use videos recorded directly in the GSnap tool.

Question: Is data

available for Reports so that my VP can use a dashboard to track who's

sending GSnaps?

Answer: You can setup reports on GSnap via the Email Logs object. For details on configuration, go to the bottom this link.

Here's the recording and deck of the webinar!