CS Knowledge Drop - Success Snapshots

  • 12 July 2016
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Success Snapshots are a highly effective tool to increase the efficiency of your EBR process by allowing CSMs to download ready-to-use, customizable Business Review presentation decks that leverage all of the information contained in Gainsight.

How is your CS team currently using the Success Snapshot tool? What are some best practices you'd found in using Snapshots?

[i]We'll be continuing the conversation below! Additionally, tune in to our weekly CSM led webinar on Tuesday July 12th @ 9am PST where we will be discussing this topic! Click here to register.

2 replies

Here is a summary of our Q&A today:

 What permissions are necessary for setting Success Snapshots up?

Answer: SFDC Permissions: Create Documents, Manage Public Documents (and you also need to have Gainsight Admin rights)

Question: At Gainsight do you use Success Snapshots across all of your Customer segments?

Answer: For our lower segments, we don't do as frequent Executive Business Reviews, but you can still use this as a tool to send consolidated reports/information to your lower-touch customers (without the actual presentation). While we use this mostly for EBRs in our medium- to high-touch segments, Success Snapshots can be a useful scaling tool whether or not you do Business Reviews for all customers.

Here's the recording and deck of the webinar!
Success Snapshots used to be an add-on module but is now included for all custoemrs. In addition to saving time for CSMs, which gives them more bandwidth, Success Snapshots works in concert with Success Plans and it also addresses some very common customer objectives:  

  • Reduce time to prepare for customer meetings  
  • Increase customers’ ability to see ROI and business value
Great overview webinar by Gainsight Sr. CSM Carissa Aiello yesterday. If you missed it, be sure to listen to the 24 minute recording!