CSM Tip: What are the best practices for transitioning accounts to a new CSM in Gainsight?

  • 21 October 2016
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  1. Follow a CSM Transition Playbook. You can either create your own, or ask an admin to download a pre-built one from Vault. This ensures that CSMs with transferred accounts are all following the same steps. Here are some recommended tasks from the CSM Transition Playbook:

    1. Conduct internal transition meeting with new CSM; update CSM field in CRM
    2. Introduce new CSM to customer
    3. Create milestone for new CSM
    4. Align with customer on objectives & outline next steps
    Ahead of any customer meeting, review all existing Success Plans for the account. Success Plans contain a roadmap (sometimes known as account plan) for achieving your new customer’s objectives.
  2. Throughout the transition, keep a consistent log of meetings and updates via a team collaboration tool (Chatter, Slack, etc.).
  3. Ensure all CTAs are reassigned to the new CSM; your admin can utilize the Mass Edit tool for this.
  4. If appropriate, involve the relevant Account Executive for additional context.

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