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  • 13 January 2016
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Does Gainsight have any solutions or functionality for tracking Customer Advocacy, e.g. tracking referenceable contacts, participation by customers in ref calls, speaking engagements, webinars, other advocacy opportunities?  I know we can create "tags" on the C360, but the reporting functionality is not optimal for what we need.

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At Gainsight, we are tracking references, case studies and other customer advocacy events through Milestones on the Customer 360 page. In the comment section of the milestone we include which contact at the customer was used for the advocacy event and relevant details. We do this in order to be able to run reports on references and advocacy and pull the data into a dashboard so we don’t overuse our advocates. 
Thanks, Nathan. That is insightful. Is there a way to track this at the Contact level so that you can pull a contact name and see which events they participated in? 
Right now there is not a way to track this at the contact level or drop milestones on contacts. We have discussed this with the product team though. Our workaround for that is putting the contact name in the comment section of the milestone.

It is probably also worth noting that we are using Influitive to drive further advocacy participation.
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We setup a scorecard called "Referenceability." This pulls from a custom Salesforce Object we have that tracks the last time the account approved the use of a logo, story, case study, etc. The scorecard is null if they never have. It is Green if they have approved something in the last 120 days. It is yellow if something has been approved but is more than 120 days old. It is red if they have out right refused.

This allows our team to quickly glance at a report in Gainsight to see who they can mention on a call or reach out to to connect with a potential customer.
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Are these all manual processes then?  Is there anything you have been able to automate?