December Global GS Admin Slack Meetup: Data Designer Demo Day 12.9.2022

  • 9 December 2022
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Recording of the December 12/9/22 Global GS Admin Slack community meetup on Data Designer!

Explore common use cases for data designer and how GS admins tackled business problems using data designer. Learn about some of the “gotchyas” with data designer and possible workarounds to achieve what you’re looking for.

Passcode: lZ@C$2Ti

3 replies

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Slide deck!

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Applauding @sarahmiracle for hosting this meetup, and her co-presenters as well. I saw some outstanding Data Designer use cases in here, helpful to solve fairly common questions that might be presented to a CS Ops team, such as...

  • How to find customers without a Timeline entry
  • How to find customers without a Health Score, or without certain Health Score Measures having been completed
  • How to determine the last update to a Success Plan OR its component CTAs OR Tasks
  • How to determine which items in a customer Onboarding process are complete, and which are left to do

Well worth the 60 or so minutes to learn what others can do. And if you listen closely, there’s a bonus bit of info from the Gainsight product team that’s super exciting.

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Great recording, thank you for sharing!  @Molly.McQ you might find this helpful!