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  • 15 February 2017
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How are other storing "documents" related to an account or deployment.   Things like design documents, customer presentations, etc. that we may want to reference in the future.   Have folks incorporated sharepoint or other document repositories within Gainsight?  Store some other way?   

Thanks for any feedback. 

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Hi Jeff,

Some customers use Box or similar apps for file storage, and then embed access to the app in a C360 section. This article discusses how to embed Box specifically, but could be used with other apps. Then your staff can access that particular customer's files from the C360, and/or upload files. Is this helpful?
Additionally I've had customers take advantage of the attach files to/inside a CTA.

While the upside is you don't need to integrate an app and it is probably easier to setup it does go against your SFDC storage limits.

Once implemented you can build a report on the C360 or R360 and have the 'URL' field from the GSFileLink object in the report so people can click on it and go to the file itself on a SFDC visual force page and download it from there.

Here is that link,