Downloading list of CTAs from rulesengine

  • 14 December 2015
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Hi All

Does anyone know how we can download this list?


1 reply

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Hello Naquiyah - 

You can create a report in Reports 2.0 on the object where the rules are stored:

The object name is "Automated Alert Rules" - my screenshot is attached.  Things to know:

1. The 'RelatedId' field is the one with the Rule Name in it.

2. You can't really output what the rule does (specific fields it selects and the actions it does) - that's all code stored in a single long comment field that won't tell you much.

3. You can pull valuable info, though - look through the fields that I didn't add to the report as well - most are self explanatory, at least when you drop them into the report and take a look.

Hope that helps!

Scott Drost