Elevator Pitch for Customer Success To Interal Team?

  • 4 February 2016
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Checking to see if any of our Customer Success professionals here have an elevator speech about Customer Success that you deliver to your internal IT team?   We have developed one, but our internal team - still seem a bit confused and reluctant about what we do.   Churn hasn't been an issue, but they wonder if we are stepping on their territory.  Has anyone experienced this and do you have a winning elevator speech that we can explain to IT - so they can explain to the people they face on our Customers team?

5 replies

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One of my clients had created a power point presentation that pitched the idea to IT. The objective of the slide was to create an enrollment conversation as to what CS does and how GS helps achieve their goals more effectively. It's not exactly what you're looking for here, but I'd be curious to see what other people say, since IT typically doesn't handle customers.
Hi Irit - thank you for your note and great idea about a power point for our Professional Services team.  I used IT in general, but should have said Project Managers, Business Analysts, Software Implementation as well as Support.    So far our elevator speech has been geared to our customers and goes like this:

Customer Success is a holistic end-to-end client partnership

that delivers a white glove experience.  This allows us to proactively

engage our customers as their trusted advisors.  Our goal is to

relentlessly monitor customer health and help drive their production

adoption.  Most importantly, we ensure that our customers are highly

satisfied and their goals are achieved.

I guess we now need to have one that is more inward facing to Professional Services.  I was hoping one of us would have experienced this already and will share.
Hi Ed, great question.

At your company, is there a clear delineation between when or how your Professional Services team is involved with customers versus Customer Success (e.g. Professional Services during implementation/CS afterward; Professional Services for configuration/CS for adoption). If so, that could be one way to differentiate internally. We recently developed our 5 Pillars of Customer Success, which I've found helpful for the elevator pitch:

1) Operationalize Customer Lifecycle

2) Manage Customer Risk

3) Demonstrate Value

4) Drive Expansion & Advocacy

5) Enable Cross-Functional Visibility

Happy to provide more color on these if this helps!
Ed, another follow up question for you. Does your team own upsells or help source upsell opportunities for the Sales team?
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Our general pitch is also geared towards customers but adding it here in case it is helpful

[i]Customer Success is designed to accelerate the path to achieving your targeted business outcomes by maximizing the impact of your subscription. Through continuous engagement and timely delivery of tailored resources, content, and tools, Customer Success elevates our partnership to help you achieve your business goals.