Focus Topics for Pulse 2017

  • 22 February 2017
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I'm curious if other folks have been thinking ahead about what topics they're hoping to dig into at Pulse 2017. I just got approval to attend, and have a hit-list of aspects of customer success that we're bringing extra focus to this year, and that I'd love to dive into head-first in Oakland:

  1. Live Customer Training
    How do organizations make boring ol' knowledge transfer into an invigorating customer experience, an exciting job for our trainers, and effective at getting customers not just to [i]understand the product but to [i]use the product?

  2. Customer Learning
    What have organizations done to establish a coordinated strategy of educating customers across many media (email campaigns, live training, documentation, in-app guides, etc.), with a consistent voice and style t'boot?

  3. Customer Project Management
    How formal is too formal? Especially during launch, but also during other parts of the customer journey, what are the components of a standard project experience that's easy for your team to deploy repeatedly and for your management to hold them to, but that also accounts for each customer's particular quirks, needs, and necessary delays?

  4. Skill Development / Continuous Improvement
    What are you actively doing to nurture skills & knowledge in each area of your customer success organization?
We have some strong ideas & opinions on each of these fronts, but I hope to learn from folks who have a few more cycles of trial-and-error under their belts!

What are you all interested in exploring at Pulse? I'd love to learn what the Big Questions are for you in the coming months -- it seems that some trends end up bubbling up every year.

4 replies

These are great suggestions, Seth!!
Thanks so much, Seth!  I've noted your suggestions in our internal tracker.

We created a tool to help with content intake and community up-voting.  If anyone would like to contribute their ideas to the planning committee, here's the URL.
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Thanks so much, Anthony! Is there anything I can do to help make these a reality? It's probably far too early yet, but I wanted to offer myself 🙂
Shoot me an email at and we'll make it happen!