How do you communicate issues with CSMs?

  • 14 November 2018
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Good morning fellow Gainsight Admins!

I am starting a project to determine the best method(s) of communication with CSMs when there is an issue with Gainsight and am curious what methods other businesses use. We currently have a mix of informal (Slack, email) and formal (Confluence, Jira) methods that serve different purposes.

I am looking to create something that will better meet the CSMs where they are already working and meet acceptance criteria around visibility of issue status, workarounds, and details. Is anyone else leveraging tools like Knowledge articles, chatter, or cases to communicate with CSMs about Gainsight issues? How do you determine which communication method to use, for example, do you do something different based on the severity or priority of the issue?

Thank you for your input!

2 replies

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We primarily leverage Chatter. If it's an urgent, immediately impacting issue, we post a note stating the issue, impact, current status and anticipated TTR. Then follow up when resolved.

If it's not urgent, we compile weekly Gainsight Update "release notes" that we post on Wednesdays to Chatter, and then append them to a running list of release notes on a Sharepoint site for later reference.

For questions, enhancement requests, issue reporting, we use a combination of Chatter and Service Now:

1. If they have a question about data, collateral, how to do something in Gainsight, we have them post to a particular chatter group that is monitored by CS Operations Training team to answer questions.

2. If they have an idea or an enhancement request, we have them post to a "CS Ideas" chatter group that is monitored by CS Operations Enablement and captured for review and prioritization in our weekly project planning calls.

3. If they suspect something in Gainsight is not working as expected/designed, we have them submit Service Now tickets which route directly to the Gainsight Administrators, for review, prioritization and reassignment as necessary.

4. If they don't know which of the 3 is appropriate, start with #1.

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This is very helpful, thank you!

Do they access the chatter groups directly from Gainsight, or through a Salesforce page? I'm curious if by using chatter you get any additional details about what work they are doing when an issue or idea comes up, and Gainsight has lots of places for chatter, such as within the CTA and on the c360.