How do you keep track of and record data on account changes (churns and transfers)?

  • 9 February 2022
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How do you track account changes in Gainsight?


We're looking to have more data on how accounts change in a given quarter, such as keeping track of the number of accounts that Churn in a given quarter and the number of accounts that transfer ownership in a given quarter.

In addition to the number, we’d want to be able to drill down to the specific records. For example:


In Q1’22, Sarah Miracle had:

  • 3 accounts transferred out of her name in Q1’22
    • Company A, B, and C
  • 4 accounts transferred into her name in Q1’22
    • Company D, E, F, and G
  • 5 accounts churned in Q1’22
    • Companies H, I, J, K, L


Currently we do leverage a rule to update company status to Churned if certain criteria is met, but we are not recording any other information about that (date of churn, for example).

4 replies

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@bradybluhm , @seth anything you could share here?

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  1. Creating an activity, of milestone type, via a rule to Timeline could be one way to track this information today.
  2. There is a new feature, yet to be released, that will allow to create these sort of auto milestones activities by tracking change in company / relationship attributes.
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For these kinds of historical reports, I like to set up an MDA that holds a snapshot of key fields so I can report on them over time. Create a ‘yesterday’ value for the fields where you’d like to be able to report on changes from one day to another (accounts transferred in and out). Be sure to add a Snapshot Date to the MDA, and stamp it with the rule date.


The churn report could be handled with a churn date field. We stamp a date when our customers are set to churned. Reporting on month/quarter/year is easy after that. Adding customer stage, and yesterday stage to the same snapshot object allows for more reporting based on any other lifecycle changes.


I believe you could also do this with Adoption Advisor, but it’s a lot more effort to set up than a snapshot MDA and a rule.

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Similar to @jason_metzler, we take daily company, company person and person snapshots for key fields (we capture a lot of values over time as we want to generate trends in more than one area), and it’s enabled reporting that spans your use case and beyond.

We also have an automation that compares current and previous day values for CSM and flags assignment changes to Heads of CS via CTAs. You could do the same for status and compare the active, inactive, churn status over time. 

With snapshots, I’d say sky is the limit. Although, it does come with some overhead as whenever we add a new field, we have to consider the history objects, and the snapshot rules to update them (if it makes sense).