Relationship Best Practices

  • 12 July 2016
  • 2 replies

Does anybody have examples of how they set up and use Relationships in C360 that include

the attributes, linked objects, card view, and/or 360 view fields that were chosen?

We have a Cloud CSM team and an On Premise CSM team. Naturally, our customers might have a Cloud product, an On Premise product, or both.

2 replies

Hi Johnny,

The thought process for what to put on an R360 is parallel to what you put on the C360
. It's the most important data points the manager of that relationship would need to access. Typically something like: 

  • Relationship Owner
  • Revenue Number
  • Contract Start/Renewal Dates
  • Quantity of Units/Licenses Sold
  • Customer Segment
  • Most important usage metrics etc.
Recommended R360 sections: 

Standard ones: 

  • Summary/Attributes
  • Cockpit
  • Scorecard  
  • Success Plans
Nonstandard ones:

  • Case/Ticket Data
  • Usage
  • Contacts
Let us know of any further questions! 
Awesome feedback, Elena. Thanks!