Request for Job Description Input: Customer Journey Strategist

  • 9 August 2017
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Hi all --

We're building out our Customer Journey programs and I was hoping to source some good content from y'all. Do you have a job description you've used for the person who is leading your Customer Journey strategery*?

A few things that come to mind: 

This could be a business heavy Customer Ops role.

This could be a project charter that your company scoped when building out your Customer Journey strategy.

This could be related or not related to a Customer Marketing role.

Thanks so much! 

*Yes, I know that's not a word, but it feel like it fits the ask 🙂

2 replies

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Hi Nora,

We did a huge amount of our customer journey work with a consultant who came in and ran a two-day workshop.

That said, we recently hired a Customer Enablement Manager to help create all the content around the customer journey, which may be more what you had in mind for an ongoing role. Here's our job description for that:


The Customer Enablement Manager is responsible for overseeing the production and delivery of customer educational content, including trainings, written documentation, customer training videos, and other educational resources such as webinars and forums. They will build and manage the team of contributors who perform trainings, write documentation, and produce materials for customers to consume. They will also oversee the strategy of these functions, ensuring that the resources available to clients are high-quality, cohesive, and engaging, and provide a comprehensive learning journey that leads clients to become successful users of InsightSquared.

The Customer Enablement Manager will work with Support and the Customer Success Managers to ensure that all client training needs are met, and are delivered in a seamless fashion that focuses on strong outcomes. They will work closely the Marketing department to ensure that customer educational opportunities, such as webinars, newsletters, and events are strongly aligned to the overall customer education strategy. The Customer Enablement Manager reports to the VP of Services.



    Leads and executes customer education strategy
    Manages members of the Customer Enablement Team, including trainers and a content specialist
    Delivers outstanding trainings to clients, incorporating best practice for using the product, best practices for training teams over web conference, and using strong internal processes for ensuring seamlessness in the delivery of the training to clients
    Improves and innovates on InsightSquared’s standard training curricula and scripts, ensuring they are up to date and comprehensive, with the ability to measure effectiveness.
    Develops a roadmap for the development and deployment of learning resources for clients to learn how to use the product successfully.  
    Ensures that documentation, training curriculum, and forums all share the same voice and quality, and cover a client’s educational needs at all stages of their lifecycle.
    Creates a learning curriculum that goes beyond delivery of routine virtual trainings, addressing each customer’s unique needs, and focusing on successful outcomes.
    Collaborates with CSMs and Support to make sure the process of delivering training for a customer is seamless. Ensures follow-up on delivery of trainings, and that Customer Success Managers are equipped with knowledge of clients’ further training needs and priorities that would assist in the success of that client.
    Leverages other strategic materials, such as Pendo Guides and Recorded Videos, to ensure clients have the best resources at their disposal for particular learning goals.
    Collaborates with Marketing to oversee the availability of client learning resources and opportunities, such as Webinars and meet-ups.
    Provides coaching, training, and resources to make the Customer Enablement team members successful individually.


Experience and Skills Required

    Leadership /Collaboration
      Motivating and inspiring leader, able to train and motivate others to produce outstanding work Able to work across teams to create a strong system of delivery of customer engagement materials
    Experienced Content Developer
      Experienced in creating and delivering educational content of many kinds, including video, written, and virtual training. Able to convert complex and loosely-defined messaging into concise, comprehensive content.
    Technically savvy and customer-wise; strong understanding of our product’s capabilities and typical use cases Dedicated Public Speaker, Teacher, and Facilitator
      On the phone, they are professional, interactive, and able to teach different groups of users effectively Experienced in front of a crowd, and comfortable with video conferencing and interactive remote meeting tools Delivers presentations that are cohesive, persuasive, and effective in enabling the user to be successful with a complex Business Intelligence tool Passionate about enabling others, be they customers or direct reports Empathetic and active listener, able to respond to the needs of their audience and translate that experience into tools for learning


An exceptional candidate for this role has

    Experience with, corporate training, team leading, customer education
    5+ years experience


Well aren't you just my favorite person right now. Thank you for sharing!!!