Sponsor Tracking - Set CTA when # of Contacts Tracked is 0

  • 18 March 2016
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Has anyone successfully written a report or built a CTA to fire when the Number of Contacts tracked in Sponsor Tracking is 0? We haven't solved for this one yet, mainly because Gainsight (and a lot of, for that matter) cannot detect the absence of something.

My leadership team wants to see how many customers have 0 tracked contacts, and then to fire a CTA when this occurs so it can be remediated.

2 replies

You'll just need one new field on CustomerInfo and two rules. The field can be called '# of sponsors tracked' or something along those lines.

Your rule will count the # of records in the 'SponsorTracking' object (by doing a COUNT on ID) and then you can map that value into CustomerInfo.

Then you can use that value on CustomerInfo to create your CTA rule. 

One thing to note: If for some reason you had Sponsors tracked and then all of the Sponsors became untracked (so you had a value but now you have null) then your value will persist in CustomerInfo (because there's nothing to overwrite the value). So you may want to consider adding  a rule that resets all the CustomerInfo values to 0 before running the rule described above.
This tutorial should help guide you through Marie's suggestion.