Tracking separate SOWs within an Opportunity

  • 17 August 2017
  • 1 reply

Has anyone found a successful way of tracking an SOW that is outside the scope of an opportunity? For example, if a statement of work has been signed which is open-ended for a period of time, it is not captured within an opportunity today. Preferably, I would still like to be able to capture that revenue in an opportunity or perhaps as a separate identifiable way. Thank you in advance for the ideas! 

1 reply

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Have you investigated using a different Opportunity Type for this that is specific to services?  I have used this approach before and also followed a naming convention to identify these for tracking (don't let every single one be called "[Customer] SOW" - add date and service type for it too.

The other approach might to use a Gainsight construct for this - could be CTA Type - you could add the custom fields for tracking the additional data.