Webinar Recording: Mastering ROI: A Day in the Life of a CSM - November 2023

  • 30 November 2023
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Missed the webinar on Mastering ROI: Day in the Life of a CSM” for an inside look at how Gainsight CSMs are redefining customer success through data-driven, prescriptive approaches that not only foster customer loyalty but also drive ROI while effectively mitigating risks.

You’re in luck! You can find the recording and slides below. If you have any questions, please thread them below!

Here is the recording from the webinar and the deck is attached! 


1 reply

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  1. If you sync CTA's to your calendar does it show as Free automatically or will it look like you are busy during that time? Answer- This Cockpit Calendar Integration article details how to configure
  2. Where/how does the data pull in for the company intelligence section? Is this standard functionality or an API/configuration? Answer- This Configure Company Intelligence article details how to configure. It is not an API it is tracked from the Web / URLs
  3. How come you don't document your timeline within the Success Plan? Answer-this is a personal preference. I choose to use the calendar integration to document my notes on TL. You can however document your notes in the success plan. The pre-requisite for this is that you need to have the related objects enabled. Connect with your GS admin on configuring. 
  4. Is there a way to add additional teams to GS so that we can collaborate? Such as support teams etc. Answer- YES! Connect with your account manager for GS about adding licenses. 
  5. As an admin, what are best practices you recommend understanding stakeholder needs from Gainsight?  Answer- As an admin I recommend having monthly meetings with your leaders/stakeholders to understand what the strategic priorities for the business are. They should have a good idea of what those objectives are. For example: Improve Retention by tracking GRR, or at Risk Dollars Recovered. Increase scale and Efficiency, by tracking % of customers managed. Understanding what those larger business objectives are will help you to implement the right workflows/configurations in Gainsight. 
  6. How to personalize your GS home and Timeline Best Practices Free GS University Course on GS Home Personalize Gainsight Home Free 10 min GS university Course on TL fundamentals  Timeline Fundamentals Under TL You can now filter activity types by "automated program" to see which automated emails are sent on your behalf using journey orchestrator.
  7. Can you establish quarterly metrics for the entire CSM Team? Yes, and we recommend setting these up