What Gainsight functionality/workflow really helped you scale?

  • 14 January 2021
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Scalability is a hot topic in the Customer Success community. Also for us, handling a larger number of customers with the same (or only slightly increasing) number of CSM's is becoming a bigger focus every year. I'm sure many of you have had the same challenge over the last years.

Leveraging technology and automation typically is a large part of the answer to this challenge. As we are using Gainsight CS intensively as our central CS platform, I hope to be contributing to this challenge by leveraging even more of the great functionalities the platform offers.

I'm currently looking at options to assess their potential impact. Hence my question to this community: what is the one thing you implemented in Gainsight that really helped your CS Team scale and how is it being used in your company?


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@Jef Vanlaer I think Journey Orchestrator is probably one of the biggest pieces that helps in scaling.  I’ve used it to automate emails usually sent by the CSM for onboarding, risk management, and surveying.  Especially for our long tail customers, being able to automate some of the touchpoints has definitely allowed our CSMs to focus more on higher dollar customers or customers with more potential.  Happy to give more details for any that you are interested in.

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@Jef Vanlaer Thanks for posting. This is one of the interesting question I have seen here, tagging few more here.

@gunjanm, @jean.nairon, @darkknight, @darshana.shah, @britton_walker, @tracy_streetman, @dave_wu, @HollySimmons, @katerina_nemcova and @angela_domenichelli


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Hi @Jef Vanlaer

I’ve found that it depends which part of your business you are scaling. If you’re scaling digital touch, JO is definitely number 1. Throw in PX and you have yourself a slam dunk!

If you’re trying to scale a high-touch or human powered model, playbooks and email automation (JO + email assist) is in my humble opinion is the greatest tools for automating and scaling. Playbooks drive human structure and allow for teams to quickly learn what to do. And JO/email assist will allow to automate a ton of communications. 


Hope this helps! 


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Brining this to the top if in case anyone have missed this conversation.