What is your best practice regarding sending satisfaction surveys after closing a support case?

  • 26 September 2016
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Best practices on surveys for support cases

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Here are mine...

  • For the survey: as this is a transactional (point in time) survey, I'd recommend keeping it as simple & short as possible: an Overall Sat Q, a few Agent/Case related Sat questions and an 'Any other feedback' comment question to capture other feedback. Unless you have very different cases or products, you may not need any clever show/hide or branching logic.
  • For transactional surveys like this I typically recommend 2 reach outs max (so 1 invite and 1 reminder). Each will typically have slightly different wording. I would normally do the invite the day after case closed and a reminder 7 days later. Any longer and the person closing the case may not recall the case and not give the best response.
  • Best practice is to call out the Case ID / Subject that you are asking the questions about (so pull it into the email and survey. This ensures you are getting feedback on that specific closed case and allows you (for compensation purposes), to tie it back to the Support Agent that interacted with the customer on that case. Note: this is not currently possible in Gainsight, though I believe it is planned for an upcoming release.
  • Closed Loop Process: Set one up! Maybe to Team Lead or Support Manager to follow-up. For bad scores, you'll need to decide what is 'bad', but I've typically seen 6 or below on a 0-10 scale trigger a follow-up. Define the follow-up process, types of questions to ask the respondent and then make sure that the feedback is captured somewhere and can feedback into a coaching or mentoring process. The customer also feels 'heard' and is more likley to answer future surveys. If you keep asking for their feedback and they never hear back (or see nothing changes) your response rate will drop over time as people will stop responding.
  • Consider having a Closed Loop Process for good scores as well. Could be as simple as publicly calling out agents when they get a 10 (or a number of 10's), getting marketing involved to see if the customer will provide a quote etc.
Hope this is useful!

Thank you, Andy. One follow-up question - what are your thoughts on the frequency of support case related surveys? Do you segment surveys based on case criticality or customer segments? We are thinking about after each case closing but I am a bit concerned over "survey fatigue" given our case traffic tends to be high (4-5 cases per account per month)
Good question and that should have been another bullet! :)

From an anti-toxicity point, we capture & populate a 'date surveyed' field and then use that (along with other info) to make sure that we don't send a new survey for 90 days. This means people don't get hit with multiple requests too quickly.
Hi Ozge,

You may want to consider using Customer Effort Score, rather than NPS, for this transactional survey, and develop an initial benchmark from which to monitor a trend, going forward. You can read more about this methodology here:

Keeping the survey very short and simple will help offset survey fatigue.