What types of success plans are you using in your org?

  • 30 July 2016
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I'm curious to learn what types of success plans people are creating other than at-risk or a standard success plan.

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Hi Selena,

We've set up our Success Plans in a couple different ways.

1. We have a Success Plan that automatically gets applied after a new customer signs with a series of deliverables that are relevant to that customer's Segment.

2. We have a series of Success Plans that we apply to a customer for each of their top business objectives (e.g. if driving product adoption is a top objective, we have a Success Plan template ready to go for that).

Hope this helps!

Hi Selena! Great question :)

We use multiple Success Plans:

  1. A customer-facing SP that has Objectives tied to their (customer's) business goals (as they relate to our product), and focused on demonstrating value with measurable metrics (with date commitments). We include the output of these SPs in our EBR decks, and we also use them to engage with executives. They are also valuable to our Sales execs when they are trying to cross-sell to other BUs in the same customer company.
  2. A SP focused on Implementation Objectives & milestones, and tied to TTFV metrics (again, with dates)
  3. SPs to address specific risks, or seize specific opportunities. E.g., we have an "Achieve Executive Buy-In" SP that we execute for customer accounts where we do not have strong executive sponsorship/buy-in.
Let me know if you're interested in the specific Objectives that we identify for each of these SPs.

Good luck!

You've got it going on, Ryan! These are some of the best uses cases I've seen form our customers. Thank you for sharing this information.
Thanks, glad to hear it.

We are also considering a 4th SP: Product Diversity Success Plan. Our Product team has identified our product's key use cases/features that are used by our most loyal customers who upsell & renew the most.

So each customer would have a Product Diversity SP, tailored specifically to them, with goals (with dates) for expanded use case/feature adoption.
Hi Ryan,

My team and I are just starting to use Success Plans and have been looking at the different types of objectives and playbooks that can be tied to each objective. We are in the Saas space as well and have different types of usage, so it would be great to see how your Product Diversity SP has been going thus far..are you at a point where you can share?

Also - do you have a template that you have for the Exec-buy in SP? This is something that we have had a major focus on the past 2 quarters, but our process is still a little unorganized. :) 

Thank you! 
Hi Ryan,

I know this post is a bit older but we are also rolling out success plans and I'd love to see your templates for these.


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Hi Loni,

We have a couple of example Success Plans on