Which apps are Gainsight customers using to visualize your customers' organizational charts and maps?

  • 6 April 2016
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I am wondering which apps are being used by GS customers to visualize your customers' org charts and maps? There are a few to choose from in the AppExchange, OrgChartPlus from SalesMethods being one: But is there anything native in GS? I don't think Relationships is intended for this.

7 replies

Hi Ryan - We are looking for the same feature in the C360 from Gainsight for both contacts and divisions. I understand from Pulse that that their product roadmap includes enhancements to both Sponsor Tracking and Relationships to address this, but I would love more intel from Gainsight on this topic! We really don't want to look at another solution and it would be great to include the org chart as a slide in the Success Snapshot. 
Hi Ryan and Daria,

Currently we do not use any tool to visualize customer org chart, however this item is on roadmap. I will update this thread with expected delivery date for this feature soon.
Praneet, thank you! I work with Ryan, curious about timing whenever you do have it. Thanks.
Is there an update on this topic?  As a new user of Gainsight, our team is looking for a way to visualize our customers org chart. 
I would like to add to this request, that it will be great not only to create org.charts within GS, but also have the ability to integrate with an existing tool that brings in org.charts such as The Official Board -

Is this planned too?
This functionality becomes more relevant to us these days.

We are looking for a tool (similar to OrgChartPlus - mentioned above) that can map the individuals, the power and influence within their org.

Having this as part of GS can really drive value and adoption. I can think of how this can be tight to:

- Sponsor tracking

- Success plan

But also, can be very valuable as an independent feature in c360.

Any updates on this direction? 


It's been a while since the original post but we now do have a feature that will allow you to do this within gainsight : People Maps!

Some of it's features are:

1. Easily map out the organizational structure within your customer accounts in order to better navigate to the right people and understand who all of the players are in their success.

2. You would also definitely want to ensure that not only are you reaching out to the right people but also that people are satisfied across all levels of the organization. View important information about each person such as the last NPS score they gave you and when your last engagement with them was. With these insights your team can more easily understand if you’re engaging at the right levels, if there are certain parts of the business that are more satisfied than others and so on.

3. You don't have to build the map here. You could bring in hierarchies from Salesforce or elsewhere and consume People Maps within Gainsight.

4. Download the org chart as a.jpg to add to your presentations!

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