Ability to mass edit values on the timeline

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Our CSMs use the Email to Timeline feature, and throughout the day send many of their emails to timeline. At the end of the day they have to edit 20-50+ timeline entries, and many of them are the same Meeting Type. It would be nice to have the ability to edit multiple entries that are similar at the same time vs one by one.

This would be a great improvement to implement to benefit our end users!

very useful idea!

This would be a great feature to add, potentially very useful.

Great idea. It would also be great to make the Meeting Type information visible without needing to open the meeting if possible. 

Great idea, would definitely speed things up. 🙌🏻

In addition to mass edit timeline activities, I would suggest some mechanism to to manage specific fields of the timeline entry. Things like:

  • Activity type (picklist)
  • Activity date (use the email’s date)
  • Custom fields

For us, custom fields include things like:

  • Reason (picklist)
  • Sentiment (picklist)

If I had a way to map to a picklist value, it would be great and lessen the need for mass editing. The Email Assist plugin displays a pop up to choose the right company when there’s a conflict, why not allow for configuration to pop up additional items to select when “sending to timeline”?


Another option could be to develop timeline “templates” that auto-populate fiends in the activity form that a CSM could choose as well.