Attempt to rerun rule on error

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Have a situation where a rule failed, but not for any given reason.  It was a complete failure, though the rule had run perfectly fine the day before and has been running fine since.  Would like to see that, when the error isn't specific to data problems (missing Account ID's, etc), that the rules engine will try to rerun the rule at some specified time later, maybe after 60 minutes or so?  Especially if this rule is part of a rule chain, or even just part of a logical ordered rule run, the failure of this rule can cause other failures.
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This idea is 7+ years old, but is as valid now as it was then!

Same for Data Designers. Those seem to fail for no reason pretty frequently and succeed on their next run.

If there is a time out on the data fetch step, then a rule should definitely attempt a ‘re-run’.

I’d argue a missing file would be a good use case for this too.


What if for that one day it is just loading late?

@kstim for visibility. Especially considering some of the lengthy journeys some of our data is routed through before it even gets to Gainsight, a broken link elsewhere in the chain might cause severe snowballing once that rule fails.

I still shudder thinking of the failures we had when our snapshot was out of date last year.