Dynamic JO: pre-publish "checkout confirmation" popup prior to program or email launch

Related products: CS Journey Orchestrator, Email & Notifications

For context, this brainstorm came from this idea about creating a toggle to enable logging all emails to the timeline by default.

It would be awesome if we had some sort of popup or a “checkout confirmation” style message that showed key, admin-configurable information prior to a program (or any email) launch.


  • Warning: pGainsight user.name] is set as the sender for one or more emails
  • All emails will be logged (or will not be logged) to the timeline
  • Emails will be sent as non-operational with the newsletter subscription type
  • Email fields may negatively impact external recipients (


It would be fantastic if we were able to configure this type of popup so either it didn’t show at all, or if it only showed the information we wanted.

I’m all in for fail-safe measures! 
It's so difficult (and time consuming) to check all the possible loose ends that something like this would be great 😃