New branch of programs for failed participants

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Allow configuration within Programs for failed participants to create a CTA if certain conditions are met.  Our work-around for this is to create a rule separate from the Program that creates a CTA when a participant fails.  This is significant more admin development and breaks to workflow into 2 different Gainsight features, which is not ideal for troubleshooting issues.

+1 - I got a request for this yesterday.  Would love to be able to configure it with the program instead of separately.

 @anirbandutta tagging you in some posts with 1 or more vote and no status based on this blog: 

This was recently discussed in a VCAM for JO logging to Timeline as well.

@PavanCh do you want to share the latest & update the status of the idea here?

Yes!!! We need this!

I tested this in the new Dynamic JO yesterday and although you can apply an Evaluate Step for it, does not work 😣 (ticket pending to validate if this is intended behaviour). 

PS: That test made me realize some issues with the participant State, linking it here for visibility as they are a bit related: 


This would be fantastic. I’m currently building out a new program in dynamic JO (hesitantly, given current issues) – and looking at including a step that sends an email to an admin Slack channel if a participant fails the evaluate step, but having an OOTB solution would be ideal.