Outlook Integration with Gainsight

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Today there is no integration of outlook with Gainsight. Communication and documentation of communication all in one place is key for CSM's success. As email is widely used and office email is key part of their day to day operation it would be very useful to have emails attach to the CTA so there is a context to the communication
Agreed.  I often hear this feedback from our users.  Our event CTAs often correspond to client meetings.  Would be nice to enable some link between Outlook calendar events and CTAs such that when a meeting is rescheduled, the CTA's due date reflects this.  
Please ensure it will work with office 365 (not just outlook on premise)

Salesforce has an Outlook plugin...would be great to see this in Gainsight as well!

Thanks for the feedback. Better integration with outlook completely makes sense. I'd love you help in prioritization the following use cases with this

1) A reply (and all subsequent replies in that conversation) to a copilot email (which can be setup today to go inbox of CSM) is copied back into Gainsight

2) Same as #1, but for semi-automation emails (this is new functionality releasing in August, where email tasks can be created in cockpit via playbooks. CSMs can then just hit send)

3) All emails sent a customer via Outlook (or whichever email clients) show up in C360 to some kind of sync with email.

4) CSM or customers (or any one else) can email virual email address - say - email_listner@<customer-name>.gainsight.com and only in this case does the email get copied to Gainsight

5) Ability to create manual emails from scratch within Gainsight

6) Gainsight widget in email client

7) Copilot emails can include a calendar invite (via an .ics file attachment)
From my perspective 1, 7, and 2 (in that order) are most important for our org at the moment.  I am working on setting up copilot outreach (and follow up outreach) for our SMB portfolio and capturing replies would be enormously helpful in streamlining this process (both automation and business process) and reduce risk of accidentally firing follow up outreach where none is needed.

Next would be 3, 6, and 5.  I'm not sure I understand 4.

I would also be interested in exploring how we could tie certain types of CTAs to outlook invites such that moving the invite would automatically update due date on the CTA.  I spoke with Marie Froshaw about this a few weeks back.
Thanks for the response. Understood your last comment. For #7 is the use case for webinars or for more personal meetings? Thanks
Personal meetings.
For this use case, How do you determine availability of the recipient?
At present the team is reaching out manually to schedule a business review.  For SMB, they include a personalized link (ScheduleOnce) to determine availability.  Once the client has responded to indicate what times would work for them, they create the outlook invite.  
I've gotten this request from a few additional customers, including EMC, Splunk, and Mindbody. Just wanted to make sure this is captured here as well. 
Would also like to see CTAs integrate with Outlook tasks and reminders
Agreed!  Integration with O365 would be awesome!
Really love this idea.
Some kind of integration plug-in that you could install in Outlook would be great - some kind of 'add to Gainsight Timeline button, or similar - to prevent CSMs having to copy and paste into their customers Timelines/CTAs.
This has been on the suggestion list for some time. Any idea as to the timing for this enhancement? 
Chiming in here. Gainsight will obviously improve reporting, but if its the central (CDE) common data environment we need Outlook integration. Day to day many organisation manage customer engagement activities through Outlook. It would not be feasible to use Gainsight to plan, then to use Outlook to plan. CTA’s & Tasks would all become so much easier & would also be a record of value. I have one enterprise customer where we have a very high touch point, typically 5 to 6 per day, meetings, emails, webinars etc....they 18000 staff in size with 7000 users of our technology. Having to manage 2 systems is hard, if not impossible. Technology should work for us, not against us.....allowing us to free up time to devote to our customer & help drive adoption & value. 🙂
@Gainsight Any update on Outlook Integration?
Hey all. A quick update. Email/Calendar integration is still on the roadmap (we promise). :)

Currently looking like we will first be tackling getting important emails into Gainsight (via a tagging or bcc mechanism from within the email client) and making it easier to send emails from Gainsight (that ideally route through your email client so they would appear in your sent items and improve deliverability). 

We know this is a very popular product suggestion and are working to provide this capability. 

In the meantime - if you're able to share some of the top use cases that you anticipate your team following, that would be very useful to us as we design both the backend as well as the UI. 


The CSMs are getting restless!  Help your Gainsight Admins out!  Will we be able to see this feature in 1H2018?
Hi Dan,

Do you want to set up some time in the new year and I can walk you though our main use cases?
Hi Matthew, that would be great. Shoot me a note at dahrens at Gainsight dot com.

And feel free to share any use cases here in this thread for the benefit of the other folks reading. 🙂
Hey Renee - totally understand. Tell your CSMs that we are working on it and in the meantime, get to tha choppa!

I need your boots, your clothes, and your mota-cycle!  But I'll take this integration in the meantime.  Please!
Get this Outlook Integration done or I'll be bahck!