Product Ideas in private communities

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We would like to add Product Ideas pages to selected private communities. Use case: certain key customers and partners develop solutions they can not share with others. Can we set that up in the community section please? @olimarrio would you have any insights to share please? 

Hi @Anitahg 👋,

This isn’t possible with the existing functionality but may be possible when we add category hierarchy to the Ideation module. Can you confirm if this in scope @Sudhanshu

@Sudhanshu @olimarrio I need a reply please as this will be a key functionality for one of our key customers - we will not be able to onboard them to our community if this will not be available. 

I'm getting significant pushback from our leadership regarding the urgency of implementing this. They've emphasized it as a business-critical priority, even setting a deadline for 'next week.' @olimarrio  @Joris, I've noticed that the required functionality is already available in the community section. Please advise on how we can proceed. This issue is posing a significant obstacle for many of our top customers and partners, and demand for resolution is escalating.

New IdeaOpen

Hi @Anitahg! Thanks for your idea about allowing product ideas in private communities. We are definitely considering this enhancement to the Ideas and Product Updates modules, and will keep the idea open to gather more feedback from the community.