Discover What's New: Q4 2023 Gainsight CS Key Release Features Webinar Series - March 5th

  • 21 February 2024
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🚀 Join Our Webinar on Q4 2023 CS Key Release Features 🚀

Are you ready to revolutionize your workflow and drive success like never before? Join us for our two-part webinar series, Crank Up Technicalities, where we'll unveil the hottest features from our Q4 release and dive deeper into their functionalities to help you maximize their potential.


Part 1: Unveiling the Hottest Features

🗓️ Date: Tuesday, February 27th, 2024

🕘 Time: 9 AM PT


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Part 2: Dive Deeper into the Latest

🗓️ Date: Tuesday, March 05th, 2024

🕘 Time: 9 AM PT


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Part 1: Unveiling the Hottest Features (Feb 27, 9AM PT)

In this session, we'll explore the following key highlights:


🚀 Scorecard Optimizer (AI): Elevate your efficiency with our AI-powered Scorecard Optimizer, designed to maximize performance and deliver actionable insights to drive success.


🔧 Simplified Timeline Administration: Streamline your workflow with our simplified timeline administration tools, making customer interaction management a breeze and freeing up time for strategic initiatives.


💡 Product Requests: Take control of your product roadmap with our in-house capability to manage and prioritize product requests, ensuring alignment with customer needs and market demands.


🚀 JO Advanced Programs (including JO Templates): Take your customer journey orchestration to new heights with our dynamic JO Programs and Templates, enabling you to deliver personalized experiences at scale and drive engagement.


Part 2: Dive Deeper into the Latest (Mar 05, 9AM PT)

In our second session, we'll take a closer look at the following features:


🔍 Person 360: Unlock a 360-degree view of your customers with our Person 360 feature, providing comprehensive insights to drive personalized interactions and enhance customer relationships.


🌐 Through-Partner Customer Success: Learn how to optimize your customer success strategies through partner channels, ensuring consistent and seamless experiences for your customers across all touchpoints.


✉️ Email Template Builder Enhancements: Discover the latest enhancements to our Email Template Builder, empowering you to create engaging and impactful email campaigns with ease.


📝 Templates in Horizon Rules: Explore the power of templates in Horizon Rules, allowing you to automate processes and streamline workflows for improved efficiency and effectiveness.


📈 ARR History Tracking: Gain deeper insights into your revenue trends with our ARR History Tracking feature, empowering you to make data-driven decisions for your business.


✏️ Inline Editing for Reporting: Experience the convenience of inline editing for reporting, allowing you to make quick updates and modifications directly within your reports.


🎤 Meet Our Expert Product Managers:
Our esteemed Product Managers will lead the way, providing insights, tips, and live demos of each feature. Their expertise will equip you with the knowledge to leverage these enhancements effectively. 

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🌐 Don't miss out – register today and embark on a journey towards unparalleled customer engagement!

See you at the webinar! 🚀🔥



2 replies

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Q4 2023 Gainsight CS Key Release Part 1 (Feb 27) : You can view the recording of this session here.



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Q4 2023 Gainsight CS Key Release Part 2 (Mar 05) : You can view the recording of this session here.