Gainsight PX Support FAQs

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Gainsight PX Support FAQs

Hi everybody! I would first like to welcome you all to Gainsight Community. We have started this thread to help address some frequently asked questions we see in the Support world.

Please find some commonly asked questions and their answers below. If you have additional questions, share them here and we'll update as needed.

- Gainsight PX Support Team

What does triggered by mean in engagements?

You have 3 choices Automatic, Knowledge Center and Automatic & Knowledge Center.

  1. Automatic will show engagements in App when the criteria is met for the audience and schedule.

  2. Knowledge Center will show engagements within the Knowledge Bot. This will save engagements to easily be accessed at anytime.

  3. Knowledge Center & Automatic will show engagements as they are triggered based on criteria as well as in the Knowledge Bot.

Can you send a follow up email immediately after a participant responds to an NPS Survey?

As of now there is now way to trigger an email engagement to fire off immediately after a response. Emails will be sent based on a schedule and criteria you have selected.

I have started a backfill on a feature. Do you have to do anything behind the scenes to get this going?

This can now all be done through the UI. When the backfill is running you will see a small dot next to the feature that is being backfilled.

The backfill starts 15 minutes after the last request of the client.

How do I create reports?

Reports are created in the analytics section by applying filters. When you add any filters and save the new criteria will then show in "My Reports".

What are some good use cases for SFDC Integrations?

  • Account Renewal Date

  • Customers having different verticals

  • ARR

  • Customer's different stages- POC

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Hi Micheal,

I have a question regarding analysis of our NPS results.

Essentially what we're trying to do is break down user NPS responses into segments / cohorts based on some custom attributes we've defined at the account level.

We're having trouble sorting this, see below:

  • The "Survey Performance" report in the Analytics section allows us to filter rows - but not to add/remove columns in the report - this doesen't allow us to break down results by cohort based on custom values.

  • "Audience Explorer" allows us to view all respondants of NPS surveys at a user level, and we can add columns but not based on any of our account-level custom attributes, so no luck again.

  • "Accounts Explorer" gives us the option to add/remove columns based on our custom attributes but not to return accounts/users who have responded to an NPS survey.

Can you give some advice on how to address to case above? It seems like something that would be a common request, so I assume we're missing something.



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Carl, welcome to the Community!

@michael_sweeney @easton_taylor Can you followup here and let us know your advice?

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Absolutely! Thank you Carl for posting to the community as this is a great way to provide visibility to our broader team surrounding customer feedback, inquiries and feature requests.

Per our discussion over the phone, we are investigating internally on how to best accomplish your use case.

Once we have a solid answer we will post the response for the rest of the community to consume as well.