How to set up link to external community page

  • 11 April 2024
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My organization has an existing community site that I would like to link to in a similar way to that which is being used in the Gainsight KC bot:


KC Bot Link

The goal would be to insert an image such as the one shown above that when clicked, would lead the user to the external community site. As a new Gainsight PX user, I'm unsure how to approach this. Any help would be appreciated

2 replies

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Hi @james Meenan,

I believe that the link up at that location is possible only when you are integrating the Gainsight Community product with Gainsight PX.

We use a different product for our Community, so I am considering another option. You can create a knowledge article card, add an image to that card, and link the image to your community. You can then add the knowledge article to your KC bot.

With the knowledge article card, it appears between your engagements and your categories (folders). It might be possible to place in a different position, but I have not been successful. I think that it is also possible to place a knowledge article card within a category, but I have not explored how it shows up.

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Hi @james Meenan , Thanks for reaching out.

Yes as @mmarques  said , if the community is external you can create an KC → Article → Card view, add an image to the card like the one shown in the bot and link the image to the community you wan the user to explore. 

The KC article cards are like canvas where you can add any info and customise design (code) as per your need. More on how we created resources cards on KC bot is here : 

Please let me know if this helps, happy to follow up on this.

Just incase if your community product is from Gainsight , we can route you towards how to integrate your community info with the KC bot.