NPS Surveys and how are people using them to get the best response rate?

  • 8 May 2024
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Here is IRIS we would love to start sending NPS surveys via Gainsight so any information from anyone using these on how they do this to get the best response rate would be much appreciated :). Things like at what point in the user journey does the survey pop up, and is a user able to dismiss and look at the survey later and also can it be pinned (not dismissed) until a user selects the score (other feedback could be optional...) and average response rates that you have seen.

Thanks in advance!

1 reply

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Hi @grindrode 

Attaching some interesting article by @jmobley and @MBragle 

You can create different hypothesis on which could get better responses and then can run A/B testing to see how users are interacting with your survey and see which one gets better response, and then keep changing the test samples to see if that hypothesis is working with your customer base.

Some examples:

  1. Removing the x in the survey, which could make users complete the survey
  2. Targeting the users after performing a certain task
  3. Scheduling rules to show the survey 2-3 times if not completed
  4. Understanding the area where/which users are eligible for answering the survey
  5. Using pop-up and banner types to see which gets better completion rates.

You can always get in touch with your CSM to get some benchmarking values.

Hope this helps!