User Roles: Who can pause engagements and bots

  • 8 February 2024
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I’ve looked at the support article but I don’t see “pausing” as a permission assigned to specific roles. (


I had a situation this week. I saw there were a couple surveys paused, and I had recently made an update to the audience, so I assumed I had forgotten to relaunch. However, I was then contacted and asked why they were active. Turns out, another user had paused a couple surveys without communicating that change. 


Is there a way to limit the permissions of the user roles that have the permission to pause an engagement or a bot? I know that we can limit those who have permission to launch something.

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Best answer by Adrian Raposo 14 February 2024, 08:04

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That’s correct @JayS . Users with Production Launcher access can launch and pause engagements on production environment. There is no separate permission that is limited to only pausing engagements. 

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Thank you @Adrian Raposo. I understand users with Production Launcher access. However, users with an Editor role can also pause an engagement. They then have to contact me to have it relaunched.

I’m trying to understand which roles have the ability to pause engagements. As you can imagine, with many Gainsight PX users we want to be able to keep track of what’s going on. I don’t have the bandwidth with check hundreds of engagements across our 13 product subscriptions every day to ensure everything is active that should be. 

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Hi @JayS  I understand your concern. However, the Editor access does not allow the pausing of an active engagement, regardless of the environment it's operating in. To clarify the permissions around pausing engagements:

  • For engagements active in non-production environments, only managers and above roles have the permissions to pause.
  • For engagements active in production environments, pausing can only be performed by users with Production Launcher access or by administrators.

Should there be a need for Editors to implement changes to an active engagement, the recommended approach is to make those edits in a draft version. Once the adjustments are finalized, they can inform the Prod. Launcher user to assist with launching the updated engagement.

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Thank you, @Adrian Raposo. That clarifies things.