We want to see YOU take the stage Pulse 2024! Calling all PX Friends!

  • 12 January 2024
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Hello Gainsight PX Family! We’re gearing up to have an incredible Pulse this year in St. Louis (new location!) and we want YOU to share your story and take the stage! 


This year’s Pulse is really focused on Customer Impacting SaaS - this includes Customers Success, Product, Community, and Customer Education! 


💫 HERE is our speaker nomination form💫


We often get a lot of questions around “How can I set myself up for success to get selected to speak at Pulse?”  Well, we’re here to help!!


I'm going to list out some advice to help set you up to increase your chances of being selected - it doesn't need to hit all of these points, but the more the better!


Format - Problem, Solution, and Outcome


Keep in mind the power of storytelling with data!  Avoid using vague statements like “We saw a HUGE increase in X” but rather “We decreased X by Y% which resulted in $Z/ #Z, etc...

  1. Problem/Challenge - What did this situation look like before you intervened with Gainsight products (with measurable baseline data to drive home the impact)
    1. Example: Our NPS response rates were very low, around 1%, which impacted our ability to have a fully holistic sentiment score from our customers.  We were only using Email as our means of receiving responses.
  2. Solution - How did you use Gainsight PX (and other Gainsight products) to intervene and change the tides?
    1. Example - We implemented Gainsight PX In-App Surveys combined with JO in CS
  3. Outcome- what was the business impact as a result?
    1. Example - As a result, we saw our NPS responses increase from 1% to 24%, which provided us with a more accurate and honest NPS score. We were also able to leverage the comments given the surveys as VOTC to our Product Teams to help align on our Product Roadmap.


Common Themes and Other Tips!

  1. Digital / Self-Serve (Do More with Less) - this is a topic that quite literally everyone is talking about these days.  If your story can talk about how you have learned to Scale with PX (added bonus if you’re using AI for anything!) this will be incredibly valuable for all attendees!
    1. Scale & Efficiency - Think about how to measure your outcome (hours saved, ability to measure a decrease in cost to serve, reducing R&D spend, putting features in maintenance mode  scaling onboarding processes, etc..)
    2. Example - Digital/ Self Serve Onboarding
      1. ​​​​​​​Problem: Our CSMs/Onboarding Teams were spending an average of 10 hours per week onboarding new customers with redundant topics and basic How-To’s within our product.  This takes away valuable time for them to focus on high pay-off activities  → 

        1. TIP⬅​​​​​​​: Quantify and Tie this to $ Cost - also, this is a great way for you to show Value to YOUR leaders internally! 

        2. ​​​​​​​Example - 20 CSMS spending 10 hours per week with average salary of $100,000 for easy math :)
          1. Let's calculate it:
            • Weekly Cost per CSM = ($100,000 / 52) * 10 = $1,923.08
            • Total Weekly Cost = $1,923.08 * 20 = $38,461.54 per week
            • Annual Cost = $38,461.54 * 52 = $2,000,000 (approximately)
      2. SolutionWe implemented Gainsight PX’s KC Bot with a New User Onboarding Checklist - this also included a Welcome Guide to cover the most commonly asked questions​​​​​​​
      3. Outcome- Reduced CSM time spent by X hours ($Y saved) or Decreased Support tickets by X% , etc…


  1. ​​​​​​​Multi-Product - If you can show off how you're using all of the Gainsight products in your tech stack - this can also be a really compelling story! CS, PX, CC, CE!


Tie to Gainsight’s 4 Value Drivers another powerful way to tie this back are around the 4 Value Drivers of Gainsight that are on all of our customers' minds these days

  1. Increased Retention - did this increase GRR/NDR/NLR? 
  2. Increased Expansion - did this increase cross-sell/upsell opportunities? PQLs? CSQLs?
  3. Increased Scale & Efficiency - examples above! I would also include things like Decreased Cost to Serve, Decreased spend in R&D, etc….
  4. Improved Adoption & Customer Sentiment - did you increase golden feature adoption? NPS, CES, CSAT, etc? 


Tie in High Level and Tactical 


Think in terms of "here's what we did, and here's how we did it". Customers often share that they love presentations at Pulse that give them some actionable takeaways. 

What steps did you take, which departments were key stakeholders, any initial challenges you encountered and how you overcame them, and important learnings.  Any tips for PX and other tools you can share are super powerful!!

Sometimes, this can even be things outside of Gainsight itself that you do internally (how you overcome working with asking for resources from Engineering, how you worked Cross Functionally with Sales/Ops/Support to come with internal processes that streamlined your use and effectiveness of using Gainsight, other tools in your tech stack you use, processes/methodology you created to help streamline...).



And Finally….


We’re here to help!  Please be sure to work with your CSM to ask for any feedback or suggestions.  


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