Gainsight Admin Interview: Travis Morgan - Communing with Nature

  • 23 October 2023
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Gainsight Admin Interview: Travis Morgan - Communing with Nature
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Travis Morgan’s trail moniker might be Lone Wolf, but his knack for exploring uncharted territory is balanced by a deep appreciation for community. When I spoke to @tmorgan, he was fresh off the Centennial Trail in South Dakota where he led two companions on a 125 mile hike. Two years earlier he took his first long solo hike. On this occasion, he delighted in the opportunity to partake in the collective labor, collaborative problem-solving, and the shared pleasures of immersing himself in nature alongside like-minded individuals. Similarly, Travis started his stint at Netsmart as a team of one in CS Ops, but has since helped train others to take on Journey Orchestrator and Reporting responsibilities. He’s also gone from launching Gainsight 2.5 years ago and feeling a little isolated, to finding connection and resources within the broader CS Ops community. 

Tune in to hear more about Travis’s journey from Oracle project management, to Dir Ops for a multi-campus church, to his current role as Dir CX Ops at Netsmart.


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