Gainsight Admin Profile - Katie Bleichman: A Passion for Learning

  • 11 October 2022
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Gainsight Admin Profile - Katie Bleichman: A Passion for Learning
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When you’ve put in 20 years with a career path, it takes a leap of faith to venture into a new line of work. @katieb did just that in late 2020 when she left a beloved teaching career and took an internship in Customer Success. Ultimately that internship led to a full time opportunity in Customer Experience Operations and Education at Automox. 

Katie found her natural curiosity, hard working, loyal and devoted nature, as well as skills in relationship building and multi-tasking, transferred really well from education to operations.

For teaching, it’s every day identifying where a student is and moving them forward, and... it’s exactly the same with customers… identifying where a customer is and gently moving them out of their comfort zone, so that they’re using your systems or tools to their full ability and that they’re feeling successful with it. That’s very much in line with what teaching is.

To teachers looking for a change, Katie says:

If you’re willing to put the time in and learn, the [teaching] skillset will transfer in any direction you want. Don’t be afraid to take the risk, to dip your feet in, and test it out in a safe place and time that works for you.

Tune in to hear more about Katie’s journey into CS Ops, the resources that helped her the most, and why she’s loving her new role as Manager of CX Operations & Education!


3 replies

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This is so inspiring @katie_b. Awesome work, and thanks for being a part of this community!

I’m going to send your video to a friend who is considering the leap from an education-related career to Customer Success.


Thanks, @matthew_lind! Happy to speak with your friend as well. I appreciate your comment!

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So inspiring! And so lucky to have @katieb and her team as a customer; Great partners!