A+ Advocacy: How To Build Processes That Celebrate Your Customers and Your Brand

  • 27 February 2023
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Hey y’all! This will be my first in-person Pulse, but I am SO-FREAKING-PUMPED™️ to be speaking about a topic I’m particularly passionate about: Advocacy 💜.  Advocacy is one of the most underrated metrics in CS, but one of the most important for helping your company build its presence and meet its goals. With the proper approach, advocacy not only celebrates your customers, but also drives NRR and New Sales. Be sure to mark your schedules and join me to learn:

  • Key indicators your Adopter is ready to be an Advocate
  • What I consider an “Advocacy Event”
  • How we built partnerships throughout the organization to rally around Advocacy
  • How we built every process into Gainsight for collaboration and measurement, at scale

TLDR: Advocacy is a magic relationship strengthener and brand builder - and when done well, it leads your customers to excel in their own career paths (making you the hero and your company the beneficary). Outside of NRR, it’s one of the key metrics my department tracks on a weekly basis. ✨


Looking forward to seeing everyone in May! 

9 replies

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First in-person Pulse event + speaking at the event! Whoop whoop! 🔥 @BrittanyPais 

Sooo excited & thank you for sharing a teaser for us.⭐️


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Looking forward to it, @BrittanyPais🔥

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@BrittanyPais I hope to be in the front row for this one!

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Underrated but so impactful! Can’t wait to hear you share @BrittanyPais!

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Great topic, looking forward to it @BrittanyPais! Another metric to think about beyond NRR is earned growth from advocacy. Always a fun conversation with your marketing peers looking at their CAC.

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Really excited about this one!! Can't wait @BrittanyPais I feel your passion for advocacy is something i am looking forward to learning,...Thanks for sharing with us!..


Looking forward to it @BrittanyPais!

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@BrittanyPais your energy towards #Advocacy is infectious! This is vital & thanks for sharing such insightful content, I’m sure it’s helping a lot of folks!

In the world of Hybrid work, are there any ways to track informal advocacy? Do you have any tips that would help operationalize such inputs?

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@BrittanyPais How are you measuring the influenced revenue that comes from advocacy? I am working on revamping the scorecard, it will be great to know. Thanks!!