Can Customer Success Sell?

  • 30 October 2023
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Joining you LIVE at Pulse in Amsterdam in 2 weeks to dive into a session on Cross-Sell, Up-Sell: Yes, It’s Always Your Job. This topic in particular scares the bejesus out of even the most seasoned CSMs 😮 but I am here to tell you have no fear. Yes you CAN remain a trusted advisor while also helping your customers solve more problems and assuring your Customer Success organization shows a clear line to revenue attribution.

After this session the only thing you really should be scared of is not evolving your CS organization from a cost center to a revenue driver. Growth from existing customers is the key to making both your CS org and company more durable and sustainable in the long run. You will leave this session with an understanding of: 

  • Why CS needs to make the shift to driving revenue, how we got here and most importantly why now
  • How to structure and operationalize a cross-sell/up-sell motion within your teams
  • What you can do right away to make this a reality

See you all soon! 


4 replies

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Wohooo @Ahunt making waves 🌊

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@Ahunt What are some of your recommendations for CSMs who find sales conversations challenging?
How can they overcome them?


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Hi @aiprakash thanks for your question! In my case I am thinking about CSM finding more opportunities when I think about ‘sales conversations.” I have a couple recommendations that will make you a better CSM in general but also facilitate you in sales conversations. 

  • Don’t forget as a CSM you are an expert problem solver and problems present opportunities! Understand your clients pain points and challenges in general not just specific to your product. This broader understanding will allow you to find new problems to solve and surface potential opportunities. Do this by asking more open ended questions like “How do you solve this today?” “If you could solve X today what would that mean for your team?” “What could get in the way of you achieving X?” If you are the only person talking on your customers calls you are not doing it right. Watch your talk ratio! 
  • Make sure you are talking to the right people (decision makers, execs). If you only engage with ops or your admins those may personas not be as likely to be thinking more broadly about company challenges and are typically engaging with you to solve a specific thing. They are also less likely to have any influence over making decisions. This is something you should operationalize by tracking personas or roles at the contact level so you can report off who you are doing this well with and who you need to form more relationships with. You must be multi-threaded. 
  • Know the customer tech stack. This is something you should ideally be tracking somewhere (an attribute section on the C360). This will allow you to understand how to best integrate your products, see gaps in their solutions or understand what competitive solutions they may be using. 
  • Be curious and get to know your sales partners. Maybe you typically pass off a lead to sales or account management. Have you ever asked to join the next discovery call or follow up demo and why not? Seeing sales in action and partnering more with them will help you see what types of questions clients ask and pain points your products are solving for, and getting better at discovery is key to finding higher quality leads for your sales counterparts. If you can’t make the call watch the recording or check out the transcript summary. 
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🚨 Give a listen to Allison’s session here.