Pulse 2024 Session: How Acquia uses the PX Product Mapper to Prioritize Design Decisions

  • 15 May 2024
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Pulse is here!! I’m in St. Louis and ready to share!


Have you read the community post that shows you step by step how to create an actionable process for implementing PX’s product mapper? As Acquia’s Gainsight PX Admin, I’m excited to speak on how this process holds up and helps our Design team measure what matters.

Discover actionable takeaways on using the product mapper, dashboard, and analytics features as well as how Acquia is increasing adoption, engagement, and retention of key areas of their DXP by fostering collaboration with product and engineering stakeholders.   

Key points: 

  • Review Acquia’s process and how it is holding up a year after implementation (especially thanks to the backfill feature)
  • Hear examples on how the product mapper helped Acquia’s product design team influence product roadmap features using adoption metrics
  • Learn how iteration on this process led to improved user engagement across Acquia’s user base for Cloud Platform across a major platform level upgrade.
Pika, the best Pulse co-star

View my teaser here!

3 replies

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Exciting @bostonjillian

A quick hi to Pika! 😀

Also, moving this to the Pulse category for more eyes on it.

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This is going to be very helpful to all the PX users. Very exciting 🙂


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This is so insightful! 🚀 @bostonjillian