Community Bytes w/ Sarah Masterton-Brown: Tips to create a welcoming community

  • 1 November 2023
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Community Bytes w/ Sarah Masterton-Brown: Tips to create a welcoming community
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One of the things I generally love whenever I join a new community is to see the different ways that they welcome a new member like me. I feel like it breaks or makes their relationship to the community to an extent - do they want to return?, are they confused from your mail and unsure where to head next? 

And @sarahmasterton-brown  from Mews spilled the beans on 2 nifty tricks to help you create a welcoming & inclusive community for your new members.



  1. Crafting Automated messages - Consider taking the help of a copywriter to help write your automatic messages to welcome new members. Make sure it sounds as personal as possible. (A great example from Mews - 00:37)
  2. Mapping user journeys- Take a deep dive into each persona of your community member to understand their needs from your community. Craft a seamless path to guide them effortlessly towards the answers they seek. You could even take help internally to test this out and fix the user paths from their feedback.

What are some of your go-to tricks when it comes to automated messages, that have worked well for your community?


We’re all ears to learn together!


3 replies


Loved this quick video from @sarahmasterton-brown

One thing that we like to make sure that we do in our automated emails is give explicit details for where our members will go when they click on a link. We know that most community members are typically joining the community because they are looking for something specific. This is really just an elaboration of the above mentioned user journey mapping! 

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Thanks for sharing this @jessicadaniels ⭐️

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Love these insights, thanks @sarahmasterton-brown for sharing!